How to write better essays

“There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen.”

Said Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

But these both powers can cause huge destruction if handled in improperly.

So your pen has power but do you have, what it takes to creates and strong powerful impact on your essay reader? Or your pen is capable of creating destruction on paper that will affect your grade?

You might be that student who knows how to write an essay but the question is How to write better essays?

The essay is an academic piece of writing regarding particular topic that illustrates the views of the writer and information about the subject. But penning down facts and figures in form of long paragraphs are not going to make it an essay. Essays require planning and collecting the right information in the right order.

In this article, you will find strategies that you can incorporate in your essay to make it appealing, effective and mind-blowing. You won’t need to ask your friend “Write my essay for me” and go through the same Hassel. If you follow the steps, you will be able to create a clear and cohesive essay.

Select the type of essay

What kind of essay do you want to write? Yes, essays have types and you need to know them to write them properly. Following are the basic essay types

  • Descriptive Essays: In these essays, you have to focus on all important details regarding the topic. Clearly elaborate about the subject and your feelings regarding the situations in the topic. You selected topics can be based on describing a picture, event or your trip; in detail.

  • Narrative Essays: these essays require a writer to tell a story around a central point. These essays are different from the short stories and are written in a direct and orderly manner. These are not easy to write and require a lot of practice. And many students end up at essay writing services for narrative essays.

  • Persuasive Essays: Require writer to focus on a particular agenda and persuade him by giving arguments and at the end, these essays give a call for action to the reader. Al the arguments given in these essays have an emotional aspect attached to them. All the arguments are validated through facts and emotional value. But these essays are more focused around the emotions and the end goal is always to persuade the audience into buying ideas of the writer.

  • Argumentative Essays: These are more inclined towards the logic aspect of the argument, instead of emotional value. Such essays are based on extensive research and are written in formal tone.

  • Expository Essays: These essays are written to explain the steps involved in any process.

Brainstorming is important

After research don’t just jump onto writing stage.

Wait and brainstorm!

Brainstorming is the most important stage as you will come up with ideas and plan the creative process of writing. You can start this phase before topic research stage and even after research stage. As it is always helpful to put your thoughts in to order. You can start with

Thinking about ideas... !

Then pen them down…..

Create a rough outline.

Create bubbles! Yes write important ideas at the center and then make bubbles around them with pen and draw arrows and write important associated ideas with the main ideas.

This will help you develop deeper understanding about the topic. This phase will help you to identify the dimensions of the selected topic that you want to explore in the essay.

Select your topic

Do it very carefully. If you are not given theme from your teacher to write an essay, then make sure that you do your research about topics before start working on the,. Never choose some tough topic, just to impress the readers. Always select topic that you are passionate about.

It’s a good idea to challenge yourself with the topic, but again, be careful.

Perform research

If you’re not I exam hall, the never start your essay without research. If you write essays just through brainstorming and never pays attention to research, then try doing research this time! And you will see the amazing difference that research will create in your essay.

Work on your thesis statement

Thesis statements is the main point of your essay. It is written in top introductory paragraph. It clearly defines the purpose of the essay. If you are having difficulty in choosing the dimension that you want to adopt as topic, then defining thesis statement will help you narrow down your topic.

It gives the reader an idea about what to expect in the following content. It sort of summarizes the main theme of the essay.

So work on your thesis statement and develop it into a clear and purposeful statement. Ignoring thesis statement can result in lack of coherence in the content.

In essay writing make sure that you define a broad boundary for the topic in thesis statement as it will help you elaborate the topic easily, in coming paragraphs.

Create an Impact

This is one the most important steps but also the toughest ones.

  • Use Quote: Yes using quotes in the start of the essay will impress your readers and entice them to read the further content. If you have few quotes to add, then make sure you use the quote that is closely relevant to the topic. Don’t incorporate quotes that are not relevant to the topic just for the sake of creating an impact.
  • Start with a story or one-liners: You can start with some interesting story or one-liners, to create interest. Choose the right essay hook according to the type of essay and context of the topic.
  • Use purpose specific vocabulary: Don’t use long phrases just to elongate the essay. Use the right vocabulary that specifies the purpose of the content. Take help from online vocabulary sources. Search for synonyms and antonyms of the vocabulary that you already know.
Back to basics
  • Follow proper essay structure.
  • Proofread it again and again.
  • Use online grammar checking apps.

These are the basic tips that you can use to improve your essay writing skills and make your content appealing.

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