What Is A Thesis Statement – Types and Examples

What Is A Thesis Statement – Types and Examples

Are you working on your research paper and wondering about what is a thesis statement?

Don’t be scared. You have come to the right place.

This article will give an extensive knowledge and all the skills that you need to write a strong thesis statement.

1. What Is A Thesis Statement?

Every research paper should have a central argument that reflects your main idea. It is known as a thesis statement. It should be of one to two sentences that need to be engaging enough to attract readers.

It provides an overview of the entire research work and comes after the introductory section. Avoid writing it in the middle of a paragraph or at the end of your paper.

Moreover, this part is of great importance to the essay because it briefly summarizes the main points of the topic. However, avoid discussing all the main points here because it is only meant to give a brief idea.

Your thesis statement should tell the reader what the paper is all about. It is further developed, supported, and explained with the help of examples and evidence. Similarly, it mainly encourages the reader to read more.

1.1 Types of Thesis Statement

There are two types of thesis statements.

  • Indirect thesis statement
  • Direct thesis statement

Both types are acceptable. It’s mainly up to the writer to decide what approach to take.

1.1.1 Indirect Thesis Statement

An indirect thesis statement provides the main idea in a general way. Moreover, it also does not include any supporting details.

For example, “I prefer to live in Canada for five reasons that will be discussed later.”

The reasons are not stated here clearly. Thus, it is considered as an indirect thesis statement. However, suspense created by a writer can sometimes compel the reader to move forward.

1.1.2 Direct Thesis Statement

On the other hand, the direct statement gives a complete outline of the essay.

For example, “You should be dedicated and responsible for becoming a good essay writer.”

This sentence clearly states the reasons and tells the audience about the central arguments.

2. How to Write a Thesis Statement?

Most of the students often get confused with the idea of creating a powerful thesis statement. Therefore, take sufficient time to write your thesis. Also, make sure that it reflects the main purpose of your research paper.

For this purpose, a writer should also conduct in-depth research about how to start an essay. It will help him understand the writing process completely.

Also, follow the below steps for writing a thesis statement.

  • Read the research questions discussed in your paper carefully
  • Select a topic according to the type of essay
  • Gather and organize a relevant piece of evidence
  • Understand the significance of the research
  • Relate the facts and figures to formulate the statement
  • Change your thesis statement in case of any modifications or changes in the essay topic
  • Keep it precise and to the point
  • Try to pick a debatable topic
  • Provide a conclusion according to the topic

The procedure for writing a thesis statement is the same for all writing tasks. Therefore, it should have a clear structure because vague sentences make weak statements.

Though this section comes in the start, it is advisable to create it after finishing the paper. Moreover, a good thesis statement should always present a single idea. Because multiple arguments may confuse the reader.

It is usually written according to the type of paper. For example, an argumentative essay will have an argumentative thesis statement. Similarly, a persuasive essay would have a persuasive thesis statement.

2.1 Important Aspects of a Thesis Statement

The following are some important aspects of a thesis statement.

  • It should be a complete statement
  • It should not be in the form of a question
  • It must state an opinion
  • It should not contain any facts and figures
  • It should contain no more than a single idea

3. Thesis Statement Examples

Here we have mentioned some examples of thesis statement regarding specific areas. It will show you how your thesis statement might look like and how can you implement your opinions in one sentence.

  • All healthy children must be vaccinated to improve the immune system.
  • High schools should provide facilities for low-income students so that they can easily access educational facilities.
  • Buying school uniforms may cause a burden to some families but they provide a more egalitarian environment at school.
  • The continuous rise in populism in 2017 is because of the increasing globalization and Syrian refugee crisis.
  • Libraries should be funded heavily because they are an essential source of knowledge for students.
  • Cyberbullying is rising because of the excessive use of smartphones. Therefore, parents should restrict the use of smartphones by monitoring their children's activities online.
  • Companies should provide more work from home opportunities to people so that they have a better work-life balance.
  • Studying abroad is the most precious and valuable experience because it provides the best ways to learn about different cultures and languages.
  • Heavy taxes are being imposed on cigarettes to deter people from purchasing them.
  • A diverse work environment leads to better ideas, and cooperation between people from various cultures and religions.
  • At least 30 percent of the federal budget should be spending on upgrading business technologies, researching renewable energy sources, and planting more trees. It is an efficient step to control pollution.
  • The college admission committee only accepts students with high test scores and extracurricular backgrounds.
  • Medical experts should be paid high salaries as compared to celebrities. It is because they contribute to saving human life.
  • The blue-collar workers and coal miners should be trained to use modern technologies so that they get higher paid jobs.
  • We should be careful while sharing our personal information on social media because it can be passed to the third person and used inappropriately.
  • Fast food should be banned at the school premises because it causes obesity and heart diseases among children.

4. Thesis Statement Template

A good thesis statement must follow the below-mentioned template. Only then, a reader can get a clear and detailed idea about it.

Sample Thesis Statement (PDF)

Thesis Statement Format (PDF)

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