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100 Good Research Paper Topics with Examples

  • 04 June 2018

A University students knows from the very first day that they will write a lot. Professors ask them to choose from the best research paper topics. It seems like a challenging task for even an accomplished writer. It is not possible to copy the first idea published in a newspaper or website- it is about selecting the most interesting theme for your research paper. The first thought that appears in your mind is to search for a research paper example on Google which gives different results depending on the use of keywords. Sometimes topic selection takes more time as compare to its completion. If you feel confusion in selecting suitable topics for yourself, go for a topic which is of your interest. Do not select those topics which are easy and will only help you to complete the task faster.

If you are given an opportunity to choose any research topic of your choice, be unique in your approach. If you have selected a topic which is the backbone of your paper, adding relevant information to it will be crucial for its completion. Before selecting a research topic, it is equally important for you to have enough research to shape your paper accordingly. If you are trying to look for a unique topic, your imaginations might eventually stop supporting you. This is where our list of good research topics makes your life easy. This blog will present a list of topics which will help you in making a decision to select them as your research paper outline.

It is recommended that in order to write a research paper you should take help from textbooks (online or offline), articles and other scholarly work. This selected scholarly work should be relevant to your topic and scientifically explains your research. Once you are done with the topic, review it and debate on it as this will help you produce a unique work with rational and scientific backing. Even if you have decided to write on a controversial topic for the research paper, it is highly recommended that you should base your work on strong arguments and proofs to back your thesis. You can also work on below-mentioned research topic ideas to construct your paper .

Research Paper topics on Economics
  • How to boost economic development in Poor countries and raising the living style of people
  • What are the reasons behind the increasing trend of income inequality
  • How to ensure sustainable development for Industrialized countries
  • Is saturation of human capital is the leading cause of unemployment in the market?
  • Balanced vs. Unbalanced growth
  • Why inflation is necessary for the development
  • Multinational corporations are not beneficial for host countries, yet they are allowed to operate
  • Living wage vs. minimum wage; The dilemma of modern economy
  • Huge population as a necessity for growing economy
  • How sanctions present an obstacle to the avenue of economic prosperity
Research Paper topics on Business
  • Managing technology and innovation at the same time
  • Starting a business with the minimum available amount
  • What are the habits that lead to the path of a billionaire
  • Examining the role of different techniques and associations in explaining and neutralization of corporate crimes
  • Why sustainable development is important for the creation of long term brand perception
  • Future prospects of Artificial Intelligence as the most suitable sector for investment
  • What are the uses of blockchain technology in businesses: practices, promises and the path towards next internet technology
  • What are the Challenges faced by Geographically dispersed Workforce; Some examples of practices from developing countries
  • Importance of learning the culture of host country before starting business operation
  • Importance of technology for gaining a competitive advantage in the market
Research Paper topics on Science and Technology
  • What is the effect of Computers, Internet, smartphones, social media and similar communication technologies on reducing the distance between different corners of the world
  • What are the long term and short term effect of technologically advanced world on the life of humans
  • Is it possible for artificial intelligence to resolve one of the most complex problems of this world
  • What is the role of technology in raising awareness among people about the importance of human rights
  • To how much extent tech giants have been able to address the privacy concerns of the customers
  • What are the dangers of harassments on social media websites and how far governments have been successful in ensuring to curb its harmful effects on society
  • Playing video games is a teaching tool which help the person to solve many worldly problems; Supporting pieces of evidence
  • What are the prospects of saving huge amount of data on strands of DNA: Supporting evidences
  • What is the effect of using digital tools to improve productivity at workplace? Are they good for society or they are just a tool to replace a large workforce with technology
  • What are the pros and cons of using social media by youngsters and its effect on their real-world interactions
Research Paper topics on Anthropology
  • What are the core differences between Development and Growth
  • Why believe in supernatural and black magic is stronger among the communities who are less educated and live in backward areas
  • How do various ranks in the society affect their way of communication with other people
  • Social media and its impact on the cultures of third and second world countries.
  • Deteriorating situation of human rights in Palestine and its psychological effects on children
  • Substance abuse and addiction among youngsters
  • Anthropology and political organization
  • What is the credibility of prevailing IQ testing system and its definition in contemporary times
  • The emergence of terrorism among deprived societies
  • Religious fanaticism and its connection with various racial groups
Research Paper topics on Politics
  • Communism, Leninism, Marxism, Maoism, and Stalinism
  • Why it is not possible to implement ideas of democracy in the modern world
  • Challenges to modernization and political development in developing countries
  • International organization and their role in host countries to promote democracy
  • American Federalism vs. British Parliamentary system
  • Sexual harassment against female politicians
  • Excessive red tape and political exploitation in developing countries
  • Empowering women of the Middle East to take part in democratic process
  • Why America grew so rich while rest of its neighbors remained poor
  • Role of religion in shaping the domestic politics of America
Research Paper topics on Environment and Earth Sciences
  • How to stop ozone depletion and improve the quality of air
  • Possibilities of converting Northern African desert into an irrigable land
  • Acid rains and their effect on the ecosystem
  • What are the negative effects of the oil spills in the oceans and how they are affecting the marine life
  • How land reclamation and destruction of coral reefs are affecting the marine ecosystem
  • Is it possible to fulfill the electricity demands of the world through wind, solar and other alternative energy sources
  • Animal grazing is the main cause of spreading of bacteria and viruses through water streams into other places on earth
  • Environmental significance of exchange process between river systems and ground waters
  • Radon occurs naturally and can affect the lungs by creating lungs cancer
  • How human activities are threatening the ecological integrity of fluvial and groundwater system.
Research Paper topics on Entertainment and Sports Industry
  • The history of sports in hunters and gatherers society
  • How sports are evolved during the course of time and who was the first person to play it
  • What is the role of sports in the development of child in his first five years
  • What led humans to invent sports; Was it a war practice or desire to stay healthy
  • Steroids and drugs enhance the capacity to outperform others but come at a cost
  • Development of global sports culture and the influence of Olympic games
  • The life of professional sports personals after they quite from a professional sports career
  • Moments in history when women were deprived of their right of participating in sports
  • What is the role of sports diplomacy in bringing warring states close to each other
  • The psychology of people who prefer to watch the sports rather than playing it: Media and Sports
Research Paper topics on Food Development
  • What are nutritional deficiency diseases that lead to malnutrition
  • Negative effects of dairy milk dilution is a leading cause of developing malnutrition in children
  • What are the core differences among beans and meat that give them preference over each other on the basis the nutritional value of amino acids
  • What is the effect of poor nutrition on the bone density of humans and how nutritional supplements help the body in reaching its optimum nutritional requirement
  • Why Children have huge requirements for fats to grow as compare to adults
  • How genetically engineered foods are leading cause of cancer or other related health issues in the human body
  • What type of nutrition is considered as a prerequisite for the proper growth development of human body?
  • How is technology winning over traditional modes of cultivating crops and their productivity?
  • Why are food producing giants now shifting towards providing natural organic food to consumers?
  • Why people are slowly shifting towards fresh juices by abandoning Fizzy drinks
Research Paper topics on International Relation
  • What are the hallmarks of international relations after the end of the cold war?
  • United Nations was established after the Second World War to make the world a peaceful place. To how much extent it is successful up till now?
  • Last few years have shown that the world is becoming increasingly a fragile place because of terrorism. How can governments deal with it?
  • After the end of cold war, People has seen a unipolar world dominated by the US and its allies in the west. What are the implications of the rise of China in the unipolar world?
  • What is the role of democracy in International Relations or is only influenced by back door games?
  • Despite advantages of globalization many people are seen on the road who protest against it
  • What role International relations could play to resolve Arab Israel conflict which is still unresolved
  • What are the implications of American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Have they been successful in bringing democracy in these countries?
  • It is an open secret that decision taken by politicians and diplomats are influenced by some people representing big business or corporations. To how much extent they are influential?
  • What are the future prospects of European Union in uniting the Europe under its umbrella?
Research Paper topics on Psychology
  • Is it the responsibility of Parents to save the child from obesity?
  • How obesity and watching television are connected?
  • What are the psychological reasons of mental stress and depression?
  • Long term and short term memory loss in patients with Alzheimer disease
  • What is the role of environment in the development of personality?
  • Maladaptive and adaptive perfectionism in aesthetic art workers
  • What is the relationship between long-lasting relationships and mental health?
  • What are the major challenges which women face in a male-dominated work environment especially in the armed forces?
  • Why some armies have recruited sex workers in their armed forces to be deputed in geographically distant lands along with their male counterparts.
  • What are the implication of hate crimes and their influence on the communities and the emotional wellbeing of individuals

Once you have opted for a research topic, check for relevant references on internet but it is highly recommended that you should go for your university library to check for credible sources. If you have an urgent research paper, do not hesitate to take assistance from your librarian.