Informative Essay – Complete Guideline with Examples

Informative Essay – Complete Guideline with Examples

Wondering to write an informative essay and confused about it?

It is alright. For many, such academic essays are a new experience.

In this blog, we have mentioned a complete guideline to help you write good informative essays.

1. What is an Informative Essay?

It is a type of essay that informs the audience about a particular person, place or event. The main objective while writing an informative essay is to explain the facts without persuading their opinion. This is the major difference between an informative essay and a persuasive essay.

Most students consider them like a descriptive and narrative essay because of its detailed nature. However, don't be confused. It is a completely different type of academic paper with its own method and research material.

This writing process further requires the author to be fully aware of the topic. It is because this essay is more on the informative side. Therefore, it conveys the information in a clear and organized manner.

Moreover, such an academic assignment is generally written at high schools and colleges where students are working on their creative writing skills. Similarly, they also learn to brainstorm their ideas by presenting the researched information in detail.

2. How to Write an Informative Essay?

Writing informative essays is just like writing any other type of essay as it has the same sections and length. However, the topics may differ due to the difference in nature.

Also, take enough time to research the required data and add them to your essay. Follow the below-mentioned steps involved in writing a great informative essay.

2.1 Brainstorm Ideas

It is an essential element for a winning essay. Moreover, a writer is bound to use strong writing skills and relevant data in a well-structured way to craft a good writing piece.

Therefore, think about all the possible ideas regarding the subject that you would like to write an essay about. Make notes of the important details by mentioning how you will present it.

2.2 Choosing A Topic

Choosing the right topic is important to keep you focused on your essay. Moreover, the right chosen topic will also help you to take it in the right direction. Most of the professors assign the topic themselves. But there are times when you get a chance to choose a topic of your choice.

In such cases, always go for something that has a good scope. The selected topic should not be too narrow or broad. Instead, it needs to be interesting and attention-grabbing for the target audience. Also, make sure to present the facts and figures appropriately.

2.3 Creating A Perfect Informative Essay Outline

Creating a detailed outline for your essay is an important step to keep your focus strong and narrow. It also helps to organize all the thoughts by directing the entire essay. Furthermore, it must include all the future headings that you want to discuss in your writing piece.

3. How to Start an Informative Essay?

This type of essay also has three main sections that include an introduction, essay body, and conclusion.

3.1 Introduction

Informative essay introduction is the first part and thus, considered as the first impression of your essay. It is where the audience will know what they will get in the body paragraphs. This section must include the historical background of the topic along with a strong thesis statement.

It is about one to two lines that explain the central argument of your essay. Follow the link if you want to learn more about what is a thesis statement.

Some students make a common mistake of adding everything here which is absolutely wrong. Rather it is only meant to provide a hint. Thus, try to write a brief and to the point opening paragraph.

3.2 Main Body

This section contains all the main ideas and interesting facts about the topic. The length of the body paragraphs varies from three to five in number. However, it can also increase on the basis of the scope and requirements of your essay.

Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence. Similarly, it should not present more than a single idea as multiple thoughts may confuse the reader.

Also, all the information should be formatted in a cohesive and easy language.

3.3 Conclusion

It is the last section of your essay and is as important as the introduction. Summarize all the main points by restating the thesis statement. Nevertheless, avoid adding any new information here because you are closing your essay. Instead, try to be brief and specific.

3.4 Editing and Proofreading

It is the final step before the final submission of your assignment. It is possible to overlook some minor mistakes while writing that may later affect your grades. Therefore, go through the entire paper thoroughly. Check it for grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

You can also ask someone from your friends and family to proofread it for you. Because it is easier for a fresh mind to spot mistakes that you might have overlooked. Lastly, use online tools for avoiding the risk of plagiarism.

3.5 Proper Format

It is crucial to follow the correct format for your essay. Sometimes, teachers also specify the format that you use. It has the following aspects:

  • The font must be Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • Double spacing
  • Your institution's name centered and at the top
  • Essay title, centered
  • A subtitle is written below it
  • Then comes your name, course name, number, your instructor's name and the date of submission.

4. Good Informative Essay Topics

We have added some informative essay topics for college students and high school students. You can choose a topic that best fits your interest.

  • Ways to deal with bullying at a college campus
  • Reasons for increased homelessness
  • Causes of high unemployment rates in the Third World countries
  • How to increase the cybersecurity
  • Illegal immigration and its consequences
  • Successful ways to overcome stressful situations
  • Ways to deal with poverty
  • What leads to caffeine addiction?
  • What can cause phobias in children
  • Reasons for global warming
  • Cybercrime and its effects
  • Domestic violence in your society
  • Avoid racism in the US
  • Legalization of gay marriage
  • Improving gun laws for a safer environment
  • How can we fight child abuse?
  • Causes of Diabetes among youngsters
  • Evolution of the English language
  • The most recent technological innovations
  • Causes of water pollution

5. Informative Essay Format

Here is an informative essay template to help you get a better idea about the writing structure and outline.

Informative Essay Outline Template (PDF)


Informative Essay Sample (PDF)


Informative Essay Rubric (PDF)


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