How to Write a Speech- Easy Guide with Examples

How to Write a Speech- Easy Guide with Examples

Time has witnessed some of the greatest speeches, which influenced millions of people. It’s true that speeches are just thoughts converted into words. But if you look at the impact of some of the famous speeches, you might change your mind.

Here are some famous short speech examples for your reference

“Apology” by Socrates, 399 B.C.

“Sermon on the Mount” by Jesus Christ. 30, A.D

“Duties of American Citizenships” by Theodore Roosevelt

“The Gettysburg Address” by Abraham Lincoln. 1863

“Inaugural Speech” by John F. Kennedy. Jan 20th, 1961.

“I have a dream” by Martin Luther King. Aug 28th, 1963

“Free at Last” by Nelson Mandela. May 2nd, 1994.

If you analyze all these speeches, you will find something common principles. In light of those common principles, we have designed a guide for you to help you learn how to write a good speech

1. Speech Format

The first step you should do is preparing a draft. To write a helpful draft, start brainstorming. Write down anything that comes to your mind

Here are some steps to compile a draft

  • Write your topic. Write down your main ideas and main points that must be covered in the speech
  • Now write down anything and everything that comes to your mind from brainstorming.
  • Now separate your main points and connect the relevant data to it and write your data with it

Now you can see you have a lot of data, no matter if it is scattered but it is of great help to you

Its time to structure your data in an organized manner. To organize you need to write an outline.

An Outline is your speech frame that can help you write an effective speech. What a speech outline does is gives you the command to craft your speech

Your outline will look like this: 


  • Introduction is your first impression, use strong and engaging words to catch attention.
  • Now as you have their attention, say something that form authenticity


  • Talk about your big idea and explain it well.
  • Use examples and references if needed, it helps you maintain trust


  • Restate and summarize your main idea.
  • Leave your audience with a purpose

2. How to Write a Speech

First of all define your main purpose and let all the information flow. This is how you will get your first draft. It's part of the writing process

When you write your first draft, you refine your speech and put it into shape with additional information. Here is the universal structure you will follow

2.1 Introduction

It is the part where your audience decide to sleep until you finish your speech or you grab their attention and make them listen to every word of your speech. Let them wander on a beech or bring them back and make them listen

An introduction is something you need to write after you are done writing your speech. It is because when you complete writing your speech, you have a better idea of what you need to start with. Use strong and engaging sentences to grab maximum attention

2.2 Body

Speech body is where you explain everything in detail. First you create a transition from beginning to the main idea. And once you bring your main idea, bring your support that justify your idea

Since you will spend most of your time here, make sure it’s organized and revolves around the topic. This way your audience will stay with you

It's better to talk about yourself. It helps create a connection and the audience remember you after the speech.

2.3 Conclusion

Before leaving the stage, you need to present a summary. Here is the part where you need to leave your audience thinking.

Simplify your main idea and remind your audience why you deliver this speech. Make sure you repeat your words here for your audience that they may remember your words.

3. Tips to Write an Effective Speech

Writing and delivering a speech that is ineffective is of no use. You have to add something to the recipe to make it an effective speech

To make your speech as effective as it could possibly be, consider these points

3.1 Clear Purpose H3

While writing your speech you should have a clear purpose. Do you know why Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Kennedy, Winston Churchill, and all those other legends were delivering those astounding speeches. It is because they had a strong purpose. Your purpose should be as clear as theirs

3.2 Communicate

A speech is very different from essays and other forms of writing. A speech is not read like a book, it’s heard from you. Write it like you are talking to your audience not a like a piece that is being read by readers.

Once you are done writing. Read your speech aloud to yourself or your friends to find out if it’s up to the mark or not.

Knowing how to start a speech and how to give a speech will make your life a lot easier. It will help you imagine what a person says in the beginning of a speech. And you easily begin to write your first speech draft

3.3 Well-Structured

A well-structured speech will sound good to the ears of your audience members. The structure helps you organize the content of your speech. It also brings your speech into a flow where every sentence fits well accordingly

To write a speech your audience will remember, you have to put your speech into shape. It depends on how organized you are. If you are not well organized, it is going to be a bit of work but following a pattern would make things easier.

3.4 Make it Easy and Short

Engaging the audience’s attention during a speech is not easy, so why not make it easy? There are several ways you can make your speech easy to digest. Also, make it interesting

For example, Making your speech easier by using shorter and easier sentences instead of using difficult long sentences

Another essential point is, knowing your audience well. This helps in setting up the proper tone. Always use a suitable tone according to the subject and audience

Another thing is that you can use a common ground between you, your audience and the subject. This way, your audience will pay attention to your speech by relating to it. Common ground helps in developing audience’s interest in listening to you

You have to take good care of these two things. Ease and Length. Long boring and difficult sentences will murder your speech. And afterall who want to deliver a speech to sleeping audience.

One of the worst and ugliest things you can do to your audience is trying to say too much. Showering your audience with tons and tons of words and information distract them from the main idea.

3.5 Finish Strong

One of the most important parts of the speech is ending real strong. And that you can do by summarizing your main idea in simple words. Remember, you can repeat the main ideas by using strong and engaging words and not complicated words.

The last part is where you repeat your big idea for the last time and have your audience thinking for years ahead.In both end and beginning you must give a call to action. This tactic is vastly being used in public speaking

There are a number of phrases and techniques to do this, for instance you can ask a question, call a volunteer to do something for you or use words and phrases like “what if”, “imagine”, “think of a..” etc.By using these tactics, you can easily engage your audience and help them remember you for a long time

4. Topics for Speech

Chances are that your teacher has assigned you a topic. But it’s so pleasant when hear your teacher saying you can deliver your speech on any topic you want. But sometimes you get confused. Don’t worry we have compiled a list of topics and good ideas you can choose from:

  • Climate Change, and How Can it be Controlled?
  • Future of BitCoins
  • History repeats itself, and this is what we should expect to happen.
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Altering the World.
  • The Future of Nuclear Energy.

If you are not sure which topic you should choose, here is a detailed list of persuasive speech topics where you can find a topic of your interest

5. Speech Example

If you are still not sure and stressed out about how to write a great speech. Here is a sample speech you can download and read to learn how to craft a perfect speech.

Speech Example

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