Easy Guide on How to Title an Essay Successfully

Easy Guide on How to Title an Essay Successfully

Coming up with a compelling essay topic is the most difficult part of writing academic essays.

It is because good essay titles can make your research paper stand out from a pile. Similarly, it also gives the audience a sense of context and perspective of your essay.

So, are you thinking about using a title generator?

Continue reading this blog to learn how to title an essay with this complete writing guide.

1. What is an Essay Title?

How many times have you thought to write something and don't know where to start? The same is the case with your essay writing. For this, continue reading our blog to learn how to start an essay.

Similarly, an essay title is the first thing that the audiences are going to read in your essay. No matter how excellent your essay is, if it does not have an interesting title, it is not going to work for you.

Let's be honest, have you ever read an academic paper that did not have an eye-catching title? I bet, most of us don't even bother to read further. The same will be the case for your essay.

Creative titles give readers an idea about your essay. They won't read the complete essay if it has a dull or plain title. Thus, create a title that is engaging and exciting enough to grab their attention.

Moreover, to write a title, you need to focus on three essential elements. These are given below:

  • The Hook – It is that one creative element to draw the readers in. This may include keywords, an image or a quotation.
  • The Main Terms – These are specific words or phrases that apply to your topic and give a sense of content to the audience. Avoid too general or specific terms.
  • The Source or Location – This final part tells the readers about the location and setting of your essay title. The source material comprised of the name of a text, geographic place or person.

This structure applies to all types of academic essays.

2. Purpose and Importance of Essay Titles

As mentioned above, the title is the first thing to start your essay with. Thus, it has the ability to either make or break your essay's quality.

A compelling title can make your professor read the whole essay to understand:

  • What have you written in your essay?
  • How did you build your argument?

Thus, the wordings you choose is requisite for the success of your work.

Moreover, you can also craft a title that creates curiosity. Because it allows you to showcase your knowledge and writing skills at the same time. Likewise, the readers will also want to read and find out more about it.

2.1 Qualities of A Good Essay Title

Before you start to write your essay title, it is useful to know about its qualities. It will help you complete this part of your essay writing process carefully. Some of the important qualities are given below:

  • Eye-Catching – Would you prefer reading content with boring titles or you will be more inclined for something interesting? Think about it.
  • Believable – Writers in trying to craft an interesting title stray away from the truth sometimes. This is a common mistake most students make. An inaccurate title that doesn't deliver the truth anger the readers.
  • Readable – Audiences do not like complicated titles. Therefore, avoid using strange phrases, inappropriate structures, and uncommon fonts.
  • Active Voice – Make sure that all the verbs in your title are in the active voice rather than passive.
  • Brief and Precise – Draft a precise and to the point title because long headlines often sound confusing.
  • Accurate – Always write an accurate title that gives a clear idea of your essay. Avoid misleading as it can only harm the essay's quality.

3. How to Title an Essay Effectively? H2

You are actually creating an identity of your essay while drafting a title. Readers will remember your writing piece with its title thus, you should not take it lightly.

Here, we have listed some ways to title an essay effectively.

3.1 Write Essay First and Title It in The Last

It is better to write the essay first and title it afterward. It will help you come up with an engaging title. Moreover, you will also get a comprehensive idea of how to title them appropriately.

However, if you find it difficult to start an essay without a title, draft a rough one. Change it with a better one once you finish writing. Make sure it matches your essay's content.

3.2 Use the Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of your essay will help you to write an effective title. It is the core of your essay and no technique can help you better than this. Therefore, you can take some phrases from this statement and use it in your title.

3.3 Use Popular Cliché

You can also make use of popular cliché and phrases to write a great title. It is because they are engaging and the readers may already know them. Remember to use the relevant ones only.

3.4 Add a Quotation

Adding relevant quotes is a great way to make your title unique. You can use it within the quotation mark or can also rewrite it according to your preference. Nevertheless, it depends on your writing piece. For example, you can easily use a quote from a book, movie or novel.

3.5 Examine Your Essay's Tone

A good title should complement the content of your essay by guiding the target audience. Thus, always examine the tone and mood of your essay while drafting a title. Use serious phrases if you are working on a serious topic and use humorous words if it has something funny.

3.6 Try to Keep It Simple

Try to keep the title simple to read and understand. Using complex words will damage the essay's effectiveness and cause confusion. Instead, impress your readers with your knowledge and writing skills.

3.7 Make it Unique and Original

A writer should research and read other titles for getting an idea. However, do not use it as it is. Instead, customize it according to your essay if you find an engaging title.

3.8 Use the Right Words

The title describes your essay. Therefore, it is important to use the right words for it as wrong wordings will give a wrong impression. Use the terms in accordance with your field of study to be on the safer side.

3.9 Do not Use Jargons or Short Forms

Do not use jargon or abbreviations. Also, avoid short forms as it is not a standard writing practice. Instead, try to use proper terms in capital letters.

3.10 Read the Essay

Read the essay thoroughly and review all the main points before creating a title. Note down all the special expressions and use them in your essay's title.

4. Essay Titles Examples

Impressive titles are extremely essential in defining how far your writing piece can go. It is because bad titles are unable to provide a sense of perspective. Thus, adding the main points and structure will make it impressive.

Now that you get a detailed idea about how to write a good essay title, have a look at the below-given examples.

  • Significance of Family Bond
  • Prostitution Should Never Be Authorized
  • Cosmetic Surgery: A Threat to Teens?
  • Public Cameras: Security or Privacy Violation?
  • Consequences of Same-Sex Couples on The Modern World
  • Instagram: A New Discovery in Social Networking

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