Hook Examples for an Interesting Essay Introduction

Hook Examples for an Interesting Essay Introduction

Most of the students are often assigned with writing essays in their high school or college.

Too formal or boring essays failed to grab the attention of the audience. Thus, a great hook is used to meet this challenge.

It is considered as the opening sentence of your essay that serves as an attention grabber.

Read more for some good hook examples to transform your ordinary pieces of writing into extraordinary.

1. What is an Essay Hook?

The opening lines of the essay are the first impression of your document. It motivates the audience to read more. Similarly, if the introduction fails to impress them, they are less likely to keep reading it further.

To resolve the issue, the authors prefer writing a hook. A good hook is 1-2 lines sentences drafted with the intention of attracting the readers.

However, it is important to remember that the essay hook is not the introduction or replacement for it. Instead, it is part of your introduction.

Moreover, it is also a good practice to start your essay with a hook because:

  • It provides an idea about your overall topic
  • It addresses all the research questions.

Along with it, the rest of the text should be engaging as well. This blog provides a complete guide to engage your audience through different types of hooks.

2. Types of Hooks

In academic writing, the hook should be related to the topic or the central argument. The following elements should be kept in mind while writing a hook for the reader's interest.

  • The essay's type
  • The target audience
  • Purpose of the essay
  • Writing style and tone

To learn how to start an essay, it is important to write an interesting hook to keep your audience engaged.

Below-mentioned is the different types of hooks.

2.1 Literary Quotations

This type of hooks is included in the essays specifically written for writers or books. It intends you to start your essay by mentioning a quotation from a famous book.

For example, Writer Dave Gentry said, “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.”

2.2 Quotations from Famous People

Another way to start your writing piece is from a quotation of a well-known personality. However, make sure it is related to the topic and the thesis statement.

Some supervisors consider this type as too general or overused. Therefore, always search for a rare yet relevant one.

For example, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”. These words are by John Kennedy.

2.3 Anecdotes

It is a type of a little story that is designed to demonstrate the major argument of your essay. You can use this hook when writing a narrative or descriptive essay. Similarly, adding a little humor can also grab the attention of readers.

Make sure that the anecdote must be precise, to the point and relevant.

For example, “I like talking to myself. It is one of my greatest pleasures.”

2.4 Personal Story/ Experience

These types of hooks are mainly used in personal narratives and college admission essays. A writer can share his personal experience in the essay. Similarly, he can also use the experiences of his friends and relatives.

For example, “In 1998, President Clinton has an affair and was impeached. Though, the affair was not an impeachable offense. But the president was impeached for lying about it under oath and the truth came out anyway.”

2.5 Statistical Data

Statistical data is also used to hook readers with new facts and figures. However, remember to include the original source.

For example, “50% of the marriages end up in divorce.”

2.6 Question Hook

Asking a question at the start of your essay can create a reader's personal interest. However, do not make it too general with a Yes or No answer. Instead, it may be a good idea to use rhetorical questions for an essay hook.

For example, "What would have happened if Romeo and Juliet didn't commit suicide?"

2.7 Interesting Details

The reader can be amazed by this hook with something they may not know. Mentioning compelling details will attract the audience about learning more.

For example, “The best way to describe the personality of Elizabeth is amiable: she was friendly and polite.”

2.8 Thesis Statement

You can also start your essay with an argument to support your viewpoint. If it is interesting, readers will want to see where the idea came from.

For example, “Humans require to spend more time and money into space exploration because Earth is on a particular path to destruction.”

To learn more about it, read our detailed blog on writing a thesis statement.

2.9 Scenes

Most people are visually-oriented. Thus, a writer can also draw a scene in his hook for the readers to understand a clear picture.

Make sure to select on a scene that would appeal to the senses and set the mood for your essay.

For example, “The day of his birth started with a hurricane, in South Carolina.”

2.10.A Common Misconception

You can also start your hook with a commonly believed truth being false. It will encourage the audience to continue reading.

For example, “Most Americans mistakenly assume that all rice is basically the same.”

3. Hook Examples

There are some other examples of your hook statement mentioned below:

  • Justice?—You get justice in the next world, in this world, you have the law.
  • Online courses are more affordable and productive than traditional courses.
  • Almost two-thirds of American men lived in a home with at least one gun.
  • A business blog is like an electromagnet that pulls customers to a business.
  • The dog howled in pain because his leg was cut and blood gushed down his leg.
  • Education is the most influential weapon you can use to change the world.
  • It was raining in Richmond on Friday, June 6.
  • When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm is all about.” - Haruki Murakami

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