100+ Debate Topics for College Students for 2020

100+ Debate Topics for College Students for 2020

A debate is an essential part of your academic program. Similarly, it also serves as an engaging activity for young people.

Many students face problems while they are preparing to debate. The most common difficulty is to choose interesting debate topics.

Even if you have an impressive content but do not have an engaging topic, the audience will definitely lose their interest. Therefore, choose the right and appropriate topic.

This blog will provide you with some amazing topics to choose from for your debate.

1. What Is A Debate?

A debate is a kind of a formal and serious discussion on a certain topic. It presents opposing and counter-arguments to support a particular claim or argument. Such a discussion is often held at a place where there are audiences and a panel to judge the arguments that are put forward.

Every debate has some basic elements that include:

  • The logical consistency of the argument
  • Supporting evidence
  • Factual accuracy
  • Emotional appeal

Generally, the debating sessions take place in academic institutes, public meetings and legislative and lawmaking assemblies.

In this, a participant tries to cancel the point of view and arguments of the opponents by supporting his own stance with solid proof. Similarly, this activity not only engages the audience but also increases their knowledge.

1.1 Types of Debates

There are mainly four types of debates. Each type is conducted differently according to the situation, setting, and the topic. These are:

  • Oregon- Oxford Debate
  • Rebuttal Debate
  • One- Rebuttal Debate
  • Lincoln - Douglas Debate

No matter which type of debate you are participating in, try to choose a unique and strong topic. It will help to grab the audience's attention.

2. Debate Topics for 2020

The great debate topic is the first thing that your audience will come across. Therefore, it must be compelling enough to grab the audience's attention to your viewpoint. Similarly, an important subject is also essential for memorable debates.

Therefore, we suggest that you conduct thorough research before deciding on a specific topic.

Your college or school debate topic should also provide enough evidence that strongly supports your stance by denying the opposing argument.

If you are already assigned with a topic then it is easier to gather relevant material. However, you have given a chance to choose a topic yourself, think of something interesting.

Here we have mentioned a complete list of 2020 engaging ideas to help you out for your debates. Continue reading to find great topics for students.

2.1 Controversial Debate Topics

Some of the controversial debate topics are given below.

  1. Children should not be allowed to play violent video games
  2. Are private schools better than public schools?
  3. Students should be allowed to form their own curricula at any academic level
  4. Is abortion murder?
  5. Is human cloning ethically acceptable?
  6. Performance-enhancing drugs are used to improve human activity. Yes or No?
  7. Is patriotism advantageous or threatening?
  8. Is higher education a necessary prerequisite of one's financial success
  9. Parents always treat their children fairly: yes or no?
  10. Religion does more harm than good
  11. Zoos should be banned
  12. Are men stronger than women?
  13. Companies should hire 50% male and 50% female employees
  14. Peer pressure is a good thing.
  15. Smoking should be banned worldwide
  16. The sale of fur must be banned
  17. Bad parenting can be blamed for childhood obesity
  18. Alcohol should not be sold after 10 pm
  19. Reality television is harming society
  20. Public prayer should not be allowed in schools
  21. There is no third gender
  22. Homosexual relationships are against nature
  23. Every person should have a pet.
  24. School uniforms must be banned in every school.
  25. Co-education schools are better for education.
  26. Women are better managers than men
  27. Sex education must be banned in middle schools
  28. Competition is far more necessary in regards to the learning process
  29. Posting students grades on bulletin boards publicly are humiliating
  30. Parents should not purchase war or destruction type toys for their children
  31. It is unethical to eat meat
  32. The age gap is an important factor in relationships
  33. Credit cards are more harmful than debit cards
  34. Bullying in schools must be stopped
  35. Being a man has more advantages than a woman

2.2 Funny Debate Topics

Following funny debate topics will offer humorous matters.

  1. Sunlight affects vampires: How?
  2. Junk food should be banned in schools and colleges
  3. Why can men date younger women but women won't date younger men?
  4. Women are much more complicated than men
  5. Will technology make people smarter?
  6. All people should become vegetarian.
  7. Can all cars become electric?
  8. Is leisure essential for workplace effectiveness?
  9. Daydreaming versus night dreaming: which is better?
  10. Feminism should focus more on men's rights
  11. Do fairy tales affect children's reality perception?
  12. Is summer vacation better than winter vacation?
  13. Women spend their leisure time differently than men
  14. Has the #MeToo movement gone too far?
  15. Barbie is a good role model for young girls
  16. Individuals should own their own DNA
  17. Dance can be considered as a sport
  18. Values or wealth? Which one is necessary to survive?
  19. Are there some discrete messages in nursery rhymes
  20. Which gender is better? Male or female?
  21. Can vampires get AIDS?
  22. All schools should ban homework.
  23. American Idol is better than X-Factor.
  24. Dogs are better pets than cats.
  25. Can we party after death?
  26. All women are irrational and use intuition instead of logic
  27. Classes should start in the afternoon
  28. Is it better to date someone attractive and popular or intelligent and smart?
  29. Rock n Roll music is better than Hip Hop
  30. Fried food always comes with a warning
  31. Are we aliens of some sort?
  32. Discuss the best dating techniques
  33. What is the best pizza topping?
  34. Dogs are proved to be better pets than cats and rabbits
  35. Pirates are more real than ninjas

2.3 Political Debate Topics

Below-mentioned are some essential political debate topics for you to choose from.

  1. Dictatorship and monarchy should end worldwide. Why?
  2. Should the death penalty be abolished in the United States?
  3. Political campaigns must be organized on money borrowed by corporations
  4. Limiting terms for US senators and representatives brings more harm than benefit
  5. There should be a monarch system in the United States
  6. Is the US Constitution a living document?
  7. Ancient Roman culture versus contemporary culture
  8. Democracy is the best form of government
  9. Political leaders should perform on social platforms nowadays
  10. Is there any economic justification for wars?
  11. Police should be allowed to use lethal force
  12. Is feminism irrelevant in the 21st century?
  13. Unpaid internships should be against the law
  14. The government should provide free birth control
  15. Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children
  16. Animals should have the same rights as humans
  17. Is the Paris Agreement relevant anymore?
  18. Should wealthy people pay higher taxes than the poor?
  19. Can the current US government ensure the country's financial stability?
  20. Governments should invest in alternative energy sources
  21. Nuclear powers of the world are responsible for wars
  22. Is allowing teachers to carry guns on campuses a good idea?
  23. Progressive tax rates are not justified.
  24. Marijuana must be recognised as a social offence and a crime.
  25. It is the duty of the government to provide national security to its citizens
  26. Britain should not be a part of the European Union.
  27. Large business corporations should pay more taxes
  28. Propaganda is the tool used by politicians to manipulate masses
  29. Torture is justified when used for the purpose of national safety and security
  30. Do you think the United States will never have a woman President?
  31. Celebrities can get away with more crime than non-celebrities
  32. The U.S. government should provide internet service to every citizen
  33. Should a border fence be constructed between the U.S. and Mexico?
  34. Should America give foreign aid to other countries?
  35. Microaggressions should be punishable by law?

2.4 Interesting Debate Topics

Some of the interesting and engaging topics for college students are mentioned below:

  1. Everyone should not be allowed to keep weapons
  2. How to deal with illegal immigrants?
  3. Students must also be involved in extracurricular activities and sports
  4. Is it sound to demand that all students learn at least one foreign language?
  5. How secure is mobile banking?
  6. Can education be completely privatized?
  7. How essential is a college education for getting a good job?
  8. Does modern social media make people less socially active?
  9. Is parental support essential for the future success of children?
  10. Can people save nature using technology (or destroy it)?
  11. Is mandatory vaccination a means of ensuring proper health?
  12. Do technological advances influence us?
  13. Is artificial intelligence dangerous?
  14. Companies should be taxed on their carbon emissions
  15. Does technology intensify human communication skills?
  16. History and its influence on future
  17. Encouraging teenagers to read books: are outcomes worth efforts?
  18. Is privacy important?
  19. Advertising should be banned during children's programs
  20. Pop music is the best kind of music
  21. Moreland should be dedicated to national parks
  22. Schools should block sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on their computers
  23. Trust is the pillar of any relationship
  24. Standardized tests are not an effective method to determine a student's ability.
  25. Humans should be blamed for some animal extinctions
  26. Curfews are effective in terms of keeping people out of danger
  27. It is unethical for businesses to market their commodities to children
  28. Money is the motivating factor for the people in the workplace
  29. Are security cameras an invasion of our privacy?
  30. Are humans too dependent on computers?
  31. Social networking sites are sophisticated means for stalking people
  32. It is important for all schools to conduct mandatory drug testing on their students
  33. Is it effective to censor parts of the media?
  34. Is peer pressure harmful or beneficial?
  35. Teachers should not be allowed to contact students through social media platforms

2.5 Public Forums Debate Topics

The below-mentioned topics will be discussed at the public forums.

  1. Drug addicts can deal through help or punishment?
  2. Plastic bags cause environmental pollution. Is it true?
  3. Mobiles must be banned at school
  4. Everyone has a right to freedom of speech and expression
  5. Is patriotism a good or a bad thing?
  6. Pros and cons of using social media
  7. Are there any reasons to raise minimum wages?
  8. Students should learn the ethics of different religions at schools
  9. Should children use smartphones without parental supervision?
  10. Are student loans exploitative?
  11. How does tourism affect the environment?
  12. Is parental supervision the same as parental control?
  13. Modern healthcare and antibiotics: Advantages and disadvantages
  14. Mandatory financial education: pros and cons
  15. Can censorship ever be justified?
  16. Can animal testing be justified?
  17. Parents should be able to refuse medical treatment for their children
  18. We are living in a dystopian society
  19. Parents should limit the amount of time their children spend on technology
  20. Cosmetic procedures must be covered by health insurance
  21. Obesity should be labelled a disease
  22. The minimum wage should be $15 per hour
  23. Public speaking is a way to foster a child's communication skills.
  24. A surge of Honour Killings
  25. Money is the only source of motivation in practical life.
  26. History is important to study for understanding the present scenario
  27. Nuclear energy should be developed for commercial use
  28. Should plastic bags be banned?
  29. Animal dissections should be banned in high schools and colleges
  30. All schools should teach music and arts to their students
  31. High schools should provide daycare services for students who have children
  32. The boarding school system is beneficial to children
  33. The concept of zoos should be nullified
  34. Mixed martial arts should not be banned
  35. Manufacturing of nuclear weapons must be permitted to all the states

3. How to Select A Good Debate Topic?

Good topics are necessary for meaningful debates. Therefore, you must pick compelling and controversial debate topics. There are plenty of such topics for you to choose from.

A good topic makes the audience learn about both sides of an issue. If college or high school students have less time for preparation, they should choose a topic that is neither too challenging nor too easy for them.

Remember, compelling topics will result in more intense and extraordinary discussions. Moreover, middle school students also end up engaging by forgetting about their hesitation and fear of public speaking.

Therefore, consider the following factors when selecting a debate topic:

  • Interest: Make sure that you are interested in the topic. Also, think whether it would be engaging enough for the classmates and the audience? Selecting a topic that you are passionate about makes the preparation part even more exciting.
  • Argument Potential: Choose a debate topic that has a solid argument potential. If only one side is right or if there is a limited amount of information available, you will face a hard time crafting a good debate.
  • Availability of Data: A topic with a lot of empirical data can bolster your argument.
  • Target Audience: Your topic must be in accordance with the intellectual level of your audience. This is how they will actually understand what you are trying to deliver through your debate.

The topics provided above are some really research topics for your debates. If you cannot rely on your writing skills, FreeEssayWriter is a top-ranked writing service online that provides professional help.

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