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A narrative essay is a type of writing in which you tell a story from your perspective. This type of writing provides interesting details to get your readers involved in your story and understand your point.

Students of almost all disciplines are assigned to write a narrative essay on a specific topic. It is not always easy to come up with an interesting idea for your narrative essay.

If you are assigned to write a narrative essay and don’t know what is the right topic, you are at the right place.

This article has a huge list of narrative essay topics that you can choose from for creating a great narrative paper.

Good Narrative Essay Topics

Here are some easy narrative essay topics for students of all levels. Feel free to choose from the following topics for narrative essays and create an interesting story for your readers.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 6

  • A person who inspired you the most.
  • Your memorable trip.
  • Your best friend.
  • An embarrassing moment.
  • The first day of your school.
  • Your favorite vacation.
  • Your first pet.
  • An encounter with a stranger.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 7

  • An act of kindness.
  • A moment when you got hurt.
  • A heart-wrenching experience.
  • The beginning of a friendship.
  • Your favorite poem.
  • A memorable tutor in school.
  • A conflict with your siblings.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 8

  • What do I write in my diary?
  • My first time alone.
  • An event that shaped my idea of life.
  • The first book that you read.
  • The worst day of my life.
  • My favorite childhood memory
  • My greatest fear in life.
  • How do I manage stress?

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 9

  • My first fight with my friend.
  • A time you helped someone
  • Your first time playing a video game.
  • A unique family tradition.
  • The best thing you have learned.
  • What motivates you?
  • Who is your role model?
  • A memorable day with your family

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 10

  • An event that taught you something important.
  • An unpleasant experience.
  • A decision that you regret.
  • Your favorite subject in school.
  • Your favorite teacher in school.
  • A misunderstanding with your friend.
  • Your favorite TV show
  • The most frightening experience.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 11

  • A time when you solved a problem.
  • Your meaning of true friendship.
  • Talk about a learning experience.
  • Your most valuable possession.
  • Describe your favorite movie character.
  • Your favorite music genre.
  • An event that changed your perception of life.

Personal Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • A time when you learned something new.
  • The moment when you first talked to your school crush.
  • Something interesting that happened to you.
  • A party that was disappointing.
  • A sad experience with your friend.
  • Your favorite singer.
  • Your favorite childhood games.
  • What is your meaning of love?

Personal Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

  • My greatest accomplishment.
  • What I would like to invent.
  • What topic you wrote your first essay on.
  • Your favorite birthday present.
  • What type of person you are on social media.
  • The role of social media in your life.
  • A sporting experience.
  • A time you helped someone in a crisis.
  • A situation when you called someone for help.

Personal Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

  • Describe your dream vacation
  • An experience that changed your opinion about other people.
  • A special from your life.
  • How do you fight procrastination?
  • Male and female roles in your family.
  • Your favorite mood of traveling.
  • A time when you tried something new.
  • The most difficult thing that I have ever done.

Narrative Essay Topics for University Students

  • The most important principle of your life
  • What annoys you the most.
  • What are your best survival strategies?
  • What is your meaning of feminism?
  • Who inspires you the most?
  • What are your thoughts on violent video games?
  • A funny encounter with someone.
  • How do I handle depression?
  • Your last day at college.
  • A person who has a great impact on your life.
  • My favorite author.

Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

  • Your favorite restaurant.
  • What is your life-changing experience?
  • How is it like meeting your favorite person?
  • Experience of visiting an old friend.
  • A moment when you faced racial discrimination.
  • Your earliest memory.
  • Meeting a famous person.
  • What is your lucky charm?

Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

  • The most interesting piece of writing you have ever read.
  • A book that had a big influence on your life.
  • A news article that changed your perspective on life.
  • Which famous book character are you?
  • A story that captured your imagination.
  • What was your favorite childhood book?
  • What is the scariest story you have ever read?
  • What are some of the most boring books you have ever read?

Reflective Narrative Essay Topics

  • A weird experience that you will remember forever.
  • The most exciting adventure.
  • A decision I regret the most.
  • A time when you felt lonely.
  • A city where you grew up.
  • Looking at the sunset.
  • Your favorite vacation spot.
  • Your least favorite course.
  • Moving to a new city.
  • A time when you felt ashamed.

Narrative Argument Essay Topics

  • The time when you and your friend had a disagreement.
  • A time when you had to deal with a workplace bully.
  • High school graduation day.
  • How you deal with humiliation.
  • A time when you had a conflict.
  • A time when you helped your friend to solve a problem.
  • A day that you wish to relive.
  • A time when you misjudged someone.
  • Describe a tough decision that you had to make.
  • What challenges did you overcome in life?

Fictional Narrative Essay Topics

  • Write about a character who pretends to be strong but is actually weak and sensitive.
  • Write a fictional story about a character who is obsessed with colors.
  • Write a fictional story about someone watching a sunset.
  • Write a fictional story about people living in a remote village.
  • Write a fictional story about an art dealer.

Third-Person Narrative Essay Topics

  • Why are we so distracted by technology?
  • Is there too much pressure on females to have perfect bodies?
  • How do you know the news you read online is real?
  • How does advertising influence people?
  • Reasons why people trust online reviews

Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

  • How a particular internet conflict changed your opinion on something.
  • Why do people feel excluded from the community because of different beliefs?
  • Cultural privileges and volunteers: what do you think is important?
  • Why do some people age faster than others?
  • What can a person learn from self-awareness? Discuss it with your personal life experiences.
  • Does culture shape our identity? What is your point of view?

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How to Choose a Topic for Your Narrative Essay?

Writing a great narrative essay is very easy if you choose a topic that you really care about. Remember this type of essay focuses on some specific events in your life. So, decide on a topic keeping that in mind.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the best topic for your narrative essay.

  • Make sure you choose a theme that should connect to your personal experience so that it can relate to your readers.
  • Pick unique and different ideas to get the attention of your readers from the beginning.
  • In addition to telling a personal story, your narrative essay should prove a particular point as well. So, make sure to check how much information is available online before you choose a topic.
  • Choose a topic that guarantees the best emotional experience to your readers.

Consider these factors and decide on an interesting topic for creating the best narrative essay.

Hopefully, the above narrative essay topics examples help you in deciding a good topic for your essay. Once you are done with topic selection, do brainstorming and make an outline to organize all the ideas.

Read narrative essay examples available online to see what other students write in such essay types. You can also refer to our free essays for more inspiring ideas and writing tips.

You can find plenty of narrative essay ideas online for your essay. But the majority of the topics are already used by other students.

You need to choose something that can help you stand out from the other students. If you are still not sure about the topic for your essay, get help from an expert essay writer online. is the best essay writing service where you can help to choose a great topic for your narrative essay. You can also get your essay or any other research paper done from scratch.

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