How to Write a Narrative Essay Outline?

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How to Write a Narrative Essay Outline?

A narrative essay is the simplest and the most exciting type of essay that lets you share your story. It uses the ethos, pathos, and logos to help the reader understand the story. Similar to other types of essays, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

To make narrative writing more interesting and simpler, craft a good outline. Once you have an outline template in hand, you can easily organize your story.

Learn to craft a perfect narrative essay outline from this blog.

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is like a short story that has a central point around which the story revolves. It is told from a definite point of view, usually, the writers. So specific sensory details are provided to get the reader involved in the sequence of the story.

It is like a descriptive essay and expository essay, where the writer informs the reader about a particular event. It offers writers a chance to think and write about themselves.

Elements of a Narrative Essay

Narrative essays rely on personal experiences and are written in the form of a story. When the writer uses this technique, he uses the convention of storytelling. The five elements of a narrative essay are:

  • Plot: The main event happened in your story.
  • Character: People who played some role in your story.
  • Setting: When and where the event happened
  • Conflict: The problems faced by the characters
  • Theme: Moral of the story

These five elements collectively make a strong narrative essay. Follow the narrative arc format to write a perfect essay. The narrative arc is a five stages process through which your plot passes to become a story.

Narrative Arc

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How to Write a Narrative Essay Outline?

The first step in writing a narrative essay is creating an outline. Let’s see how to start a narrative essay. Follow these steps to understand the outline writing process:

Let us discuss these steps in detail.

  1. 1. Choose an Essay Topic

    A topic plays an important role in crafting a perfect essay. When writing a narrative essay, remember that you are telling a story, so you need to get the reader’s interest in the beginning. Choose a topic that interests you the most and gets the reader’s attention immediately.

  2. 2. Brainstorm

    Before you get into the writing process, brainstorm for different ideas. Think of the things that happened in your story and try to recall the exact sequence. The brainstorming session helps you remember every important aspect related to your story. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

  3. 3. Write an Eye-catchy Introduction

    The opening paragraph needs to accomplish three goals:

    • Get the reader involved in the essay with an eye-catchy hook statement.
    • Set the scene and give a glimpse of what happened in your story
    • State the thesis statement that provides an insight into what the story is all about.
  4. 4. Draft an Interesting Body

    The body paragraphs comprise the major section of the essay. It describes the character, presents the setting, and discusses the conflicts. Here are the elements of the body paragraph:

    • Include a vivid description and present relevant details.
    • Incorporate dialogues effectively to get the reader involved in the story.
    • Write in the exact sequence in which the event happened.
    • Write in the first person while writing a personal story. Use the third person if you are writing someone else’s story.
  5. 5. Compose a Compelling Conclusion

    In conclusion, you need to present the climax of the story. The following things should be included in the conclusion paragraph:

    • Present the climax of the story
    • Restate some of the key details
    • Share the lesson that you have learned from your story (if any)
    • Provide a call to action (if required)

Narrative Essay Outline Worksheet

This worksheet template helps you craft a good outline for your essay. Download it and use it while crafting an outline for your essay.

Narrative Essay Outline Worksheet (PDF)

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Narrative Essay Outline Example

Once you have learned the basics of crafting an outline, you can easily craft a perfect narrative essay. Follow the outline examples given below to get some help.

Narrative Essay Outline Format (PDF)

Narrative Essay Outline Structure (PDF)

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Personal Narrative Essay Outline (PDF)

Descriptive Narrative Essay Outline (PDF)

Literacy Narrative Essay Outline (PDF)

Nonfiction Narrative Essay Outline (PDF)

Reflective Narrative Essay Outline (PDF)

Historical Narrative Essay Outline (PDF)

Biographical Narrative Essay Outline (PDF)

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What are the Five Rules of Narrative Writing

Now that you have a step-by-step guide and examples for crafting a narrative essay outline. Here are the five essential rules of narrative writing:

  • 1. Keep It Clear

    As you are telling a story, make sure it is clear for the reader. Do not mix things up. It should be clear and easy to understand for the reader. Moreover, use simple and clear language.

  • 2. Do Not Exaggerate

    The narrative essay has a main theme around which the whole story revolves. Don’t overuse the details; just tell the story in vivid detail. You should sound real.

  • 3. Write in The First Person

    Narrative essays are usually the writer’s personal experiences that they share with the reader. Therefore, they should be written in the first person. Do not use the second-person narrative.

  • 4. Use Dynamic Words

    The word choice should be dynamic. Avoid making your story monotonous. Avoid using the same slangs or idioms.

  • 5. Limit References

    The formatting styles like APA, MLA, etc., recommend including citations in the essay. But, the narrative essays are personal stories; you should limit the references.

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