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Literary Analysis Essay Outline - Structure & Worksheet

A literary analysis essay is a type of essay that carefully examines a piece of literature. The analysis essay divides a literature work into parts and analyzes each part of the text individually. The analysis can be done for a movie, novel, books, short stories, etc.

To write an impressive literary essay, you need to learn how to express your thoughts and make a good analysis.

Learn how to write a good literary essay from this blog.

Literary Analysis Essay Outline

A literary analysis essay writing assignment is very common in high school and college. It helps the reader understand and analyze the text. To write a flawless essay, you need to determine and understand the work of a writer.

The first step in writing a literary analysis essay is to craft an outline. A literary analysis outline helps in organizing the analysis of the literature in a proper essay structure. A typical essay outline is as follow:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

All these sections are important to include in an essay. Below these sections are discussed in detail.

  1. Literary Analysis Essay Introduction

    An introduction is the first section of the essay, so it should be sophisticated and creative. It should be able to grab the reader’s attention immediately. In the literary essay, you are analyzing a piece of literature. So, the introduction paragraph should give a complete overview of the literature being analyzed.

    The introduction paragraph starts with a hook statement written with the perspective of getting the reader’s attention. After that, it provides a brief overview of the literature work. And in the end, it states the thesis statement that becomes a road map for the reader.

  2. Literary Analysis Essay Body Paragraphs

    The body paragraphs are the main building blocks of the essay, so they should be convincing. It holds the whole essay together by providing detailed information. It presents your ideas about the analyzed novel, movie, book, short story, or any piece of literature.

    The body of the essay usually consists of three paragraphs. Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence that presents a unique idea of the literature. The topic sentence should be related to the overall context of the analysis. Supporting evidence and facts are presented to support the thesis and the topic sentence.

  3. Literary Analysis Essay Conclusion

    In conclusion, you show the reader how your analysis connects to the analyzed literature as a whole. And how it reflects the ideas, plot, theme of the writer’s work. This section wrap-ups the whole analysis and provides the final conclusion about the analyzed work.

    Restate the thesis statement and give your conclusion on it. Remind me about the main idea of the analyzed work. Include all the major points that are aforementioned. The conclusion should end dynamically and energetically.

Literary Analysis Essay Outline Graphic Organizer

Here is a literary analysis outline graphic organizer that helps you create a strong outline for your essay. Just enter your analysis information in the graphic organizer and write a good essay quickly.

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Literary Analysis Essay Outline Example

When you start writing a literary essay, read some sample literary analysis essays. The sample essays help you properly structure the whole essay.

Check out the sample analytical essay outline examples given below. They will help you include the elements in the order in which they appear in an analysis essay outline.

Literary Analysis Essay Outline Worksheet

High School Literary Analysis Essay Outline

Literary Critical Analysis Essay Outline

Literary Analysis Essay Outline MLA Format

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