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How to Make an Essay Longer

Do you have an essay due soon?

Have you been struggling to find ways to make it longer without just adding in filler words?

Read on for some expert tips!

Essay writing is a common academic assignment for high school and college students. Students have written several essays on a variety of topics and meet their professor’s requirements.

However, some students do not have good writing skills and are stuck on increasing the word count of the essay.

How to Make an Essay Longer?

Several students face a situation when writing an essay or a research paper, and the deadline is approaching. However, they did not achieve their professor’s required page count.

Therefore, some students increase the font size, add extra space between lines, and use other strategies to make the essay longer. However, it is not the right way, and teachers are also aware of these silly tricks.

Writing a good essay with a minimum word count is not a strenuous task if you follow some expert tips.

We compiled some great tips that will help you and lengthen your essay in a better way.

Have a look at a detailed discussion of these points:

  1. Prepare a Plan

    Some students started writing an essay without preparing the outline and forgot to mention some main points. When they notice that something is a miss, adding new information may require too much time or changes.

    Therefore, try to make a proper plan or outline and include all the important points to make your essay strong and longer.

  2. Add Relevant Examples

    Adding examples is the best way to make the essay longer. However, it doesn’t mean that you add irrelevant examples in the essay. Try to do some research and gather relevant examples about your chosen topic.

    In general, it is good to add case studies, statistical information, and real-life scenarios that support your thesis statement and make your argument strong.

  3. Implement Citations

    Citations are another way to make the essay longer in a better way. Include some citations related to the topic and discuss them a bit.

    However, when you add citations is your essay, you need to consider some things in mind:

    • What does a person want to say?
    • Do you agree with them or not?

    Therefore, keep these questions in mind and carefully cite the sources in your essay. Also, try to use Times New Roman Font for citations.

  4. Use Transitional Words and Phrases

    The use of transition words or phrases is a natural way to make the essay longer. It allows you to make a connection within or between the paragraphs. It will also increase the length of the essay and help you logically present your information.

    Some teachers also recommend students to use transition phrases or words in their essay. Here is a list of a few transitional words that you can use and easily make your essay longer.

    Besides Finally Moreover On the next
    In the same manner In the future To illustrate my point To sum up my thoughts
    From my point of view Let me explain As time passed As a final observation
    In closing sentence As can be expected With this in mind Beyond
    Accordingly Following this It appears that To begin with

    Despite these, there are several transition words that you can use in your essay. However, use it in a way that does not make your essay confusing.

  5. Write Out Contractions

    Writing a contraction is a simple way to make the essay longer. All you have to do is replace the letters removed from the original words with an apostrophe.

    Here is a list of some contraction words that give you a better idea of using them in your essay.

    Contraction Word Base Words
    Let’s Let us
    There’s There is
    It’s It is
    Can’t Cannot
    Should’ve Should have
    They’d They would
    You’ll You will
    Where’s Where is
    They’ve They have
    Aren’t Are not

    Therefore, use contractions in your essay carefully and add them where they are needed.

  6. Discuss Different Point of View

    Some students make a mistake in their essay and limit the content to only their point of view. You should explain your point of view, but adding a different perspective is also better and makes your essay richer and more comprehensive.

  7. Add Lists and Numbers

    It is another good way to make the essay or paper longer. Adding lists and numbers not only extends the essay but it improves the readability of the essay.

    However, write only those information in lists and numbers that you further explain or the information that you easily present in this form

  8. Review the Essay Outline

    An essay outline helps you in your entire writing phase. After writing the essay, go back through the outline you make and check all the points you need to add to the essay.

    Therefore, the essay outline is a great opportunity to check whether you write all the main points or which section needs more information.

  9. Spell Out Numbers

    Spelling out a number is a better way to increase the word count of the essay. Only, you have to write “seven” instead of “7” and “nine” instead of “9”, and the same goes with other digits as well. In this way, the word count is increased and does not change any essay format.

  10. Structure your Paragraphs

    Before starting writing the essay, you should structure your body paragraphs. Make sure that each paragraph has the correct formatting and must contain three things:

    1. The topic sentence
    2. Supporting evidence/argument
    3. Conclusion

    Without these, the essay body is incomplete, and you will not make the essay longer in a correct way. When you see that your body paragraphs need to be short, break the longer paragraphs.

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Mistakes to Avoid

The following are the mistakes that you should avoid in lengthening your essay.

  • Never use the large and fancy font types like Bookman Old Style, Comic Sans, etc.
  • Never use too much line spacing, bottom margin, and double spacing that makes your essay odd.
  • Never add irrelevant information just to increase the length of the essay.

Now, you get many tips that will help you in making your essay longer. Therefore, writing a paper or essay with a long length is not a complex task.

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