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 Dissertation Topics

When writing a dissertation, it is important to consider all the processes that will need your attention. However, completing each process can be challenging in its own way and requires time and effort from students with busy schedules.

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To help you out, we've compiled some dissertation topic examples for your thesis.

Law Dissertation Topics

  • Refugees legal issues and their immigration
  • International and national regulation differences
  • Future of internet and digital legislations
  • Is a law detector beneficial?
  • How to protect crime witnesses from retaliation?
  • In which cases is the law of dismissal valid?
  • Analysis of trade union employment
  • Regulation that should be imposed internationally
  • Stem cell research
  • Immigration and nationality legalization

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Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Critical care nursing for the mentally ill patients
  • What is the role of physical activities in improving health?
  • Effects of malpractice effects on the health sector
  • Addressing the need for quality health care in rural areas.
  • Does pain relief therapy really work?
  • Mental health counseling effects
  • Competency of nursing staff
  • Effective health care management in the US
  • Comparative analysis of private and national health care
  • Role of nurses in pain management

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Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Importance of customer retention
  • Importance of brand loyalty and real estate
  • Traditional vs. digital marketing
  • Impact on e-marketing on clients purchase decisions
  • Importance of studying customers responses
  • Packaging strategy in brand marketing
  • Coca-cola and Pepsi: difference in branding
  • Why is brand awareness important?
  • How to keep yourself safe from deceitful marketing?
  • Consumer data protection in online marketing

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Social work Dissertation Topics

  • Social work impacts society comment
  • Promotion of ethnic communities
  • Impacts of family protection laws
  • Importance of laws against domestic violence
  • Reintegration survivors in society
  • Victims of sexual abuse and their afterlife
  • Older adults medical care in united states
  • Bringing better health care to rural areas
  • Adolescent development in modern countries
  • Research on social, psychological, and labor outcomes

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Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Accounting cost and capital income
  • Accounting for globalization
  • Audit risk associated with fraudulent accounting
  • Debt contracts, financial institutions, and accounting conversions
  • Accounting conservatism and institutional ownership composition
  • Risk for financial forms during the credit crisis
  • Role of modern accounting
  • Difference between double and single-entry systems
  • Comparative study of revenue expedite and capital expenditure
  • Casting information usage in cost controlling

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Leadership Dissertation Topics

  • Difference between transformational leadership and creativity
  • The link between innovation, organizational performance, and leadership skills
  • What is transformational leadership?
  • Effects of unethical leadership during crisis
  • Importance of leader communication
  • Chinese leadership vs. western leadership
  • Are women good leaders?
  • Are employee satisfaction and leade attitude inter-linked?
  • Does gender difference affect leadership qualities?
  • Strong leadership qualities and organizational culture

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Human Resource Dissertation Topics

  • How important are salary and other benefits?
  • How to motivate employees?
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Challenges in talent retention
  • Gender differences in managerial feedback
  • Remote teams performance during Covid 19
  • Discrimination and diversity at workplaces
  • Is inclusion positive?
  • Staff training and employee engagement linkage?
  • Why is Patagonia’s HRM strategy difficult to imitate?

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Dissertation Topics in Finance

  • Trade blocks and their impact on banking
  • Capital structure vs. corporate strategy
  • Corporate responsibilities in the banking sector
  • Are banking profits ethical?
  • Relationship banking and its importance
  • Importance of business management
  • Poverty alleviation and microfinancing
  • IT has revolutionized the banking sector. Comment
  • What are modern accounting standards?
  • Pros and cons of modern banking systems

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Dissertation Topic in Psychology

  • Effect of team lead influence on teammates
  • Schizophrenia and its multiple effects
  • Use of MRI in the detection of schizophrenia
  • The parent-child relationship and its attachment
  • Cognitive development of children
  • Effect of technology on learning
  • Effect of mobile games of physical activities of children
  • Self-motivational and self attainment. Which is more important?
  • Creativity and mood-building link
  • Nonverbal communication

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Dissertation Topics in English Literature

  • Love and loss in Thomas Hardy’s poem
  • Naturalist and mystic: Discovering the source of Richard Jefferies’ inspiration.
  • Searching for the simple life: Rustic writing in the nineteenth century.
  • A study of provincial life: Trollope writing after Austen.
  • The importance of costume in the work of Dickens.
  • Micro and macro: Understanding the power relations in The Old Curiosity Shop and Bleak House.
  • Sex and violence in sensation fiction.
  • The changing religious imagination of the nineteenth century.
  • How politics changed literature in the nineteenth century.
  • Gender representation in the gothic novel.

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Dissertation Topics in Education

  • Fear of maintaining social distance in educational institutes
  • Effects of online education
  • Importance of data science in coming future
  • Effects of social media on learning of students
  • Why is a case study, term paper, and research paper considered an important part of high school education?
  • Should students be allowed to choose research topics and thesis topics themselves?
  • Importance of literature review writing
  • How has covid 19 affected the whole worlds’ countries' educational system?
  • Primary school education vs. middle school education
  • Importance of classroom evaluation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a dissertation topic?

Following are the steps to write a great dissertation topic:

  1. Check the pre-requirements of the dissertation
  2. Choose a broad field for research
  3. Find books and articles about it
  4. Find a small niche in this broad field to study further
  5. Consider what type of research you want to do
  6. Choose your topic and get it approved
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