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A descriptive essay is a type of essay that makes the reader feel, touch, smell, taste, hear, and see things. To write a descriptive essay that intrigues the reader, you need to choose a good descriptive essay topic idea.

We have collected some creative and good descriptive essay topics for high school students and everyone. Check out the list of topics and choose the best one for your essay.

Descriptive Essay Topics for Different Grades

Writing a descriptive essay is the easiest task. That is why professors usually assigned them to each grade’s students to improve their writing skills. Below are some interesting descriptive essay topics for different grades.

Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 4

  • My best friend
  • My favorite pet
  • I love my dad
  • My mother is my hero
  • My favorite cartoon character
  • A visit to the museum
  • My bedroom
  • My geometry box
  • My first day at school
  • My favorite teacher

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Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 6

  • My first day at school
  • A long summer day
  • A visit to the library
  • My favorite movie
  • A nightmare
  • My favorite resort
  • My favorite vacation
  • A newscaster
  • The best fishing spot
  • A painting

Descriptive Essay Topics for Class 10

  • A childhood memory
  • My favorite family member
  • I love spending time with my sister
  • A stranger
  • A person I envied
  • My inspiring friend
  • My favorite movie character
  • A peaceful place I have visited
  • The best novel writer
  • My favorite book

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Good Descriptive Essay Topics for Students

Students get to write descriptive essays throughout their academic careers. Here are some excellent essay topics for students to write a perfect essay.

Descriptive Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Visiting my hometown
  • An inspiring family member
  • My favorite video game
  • My favorite sport
  • A dream
  • The worst childhood memory
  • The perfect train ride
  • The best television show
  • The book I hate the most
  • A lunch break

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School

  • A garden I decorated
  • The house of my dream
  • My first overseas trip
  • The concert
  • My first love
  • My favorite music genre
  • A photographer
  • The best coffee shop
  • My favorite icecream
  • My first tear of joy

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

  • My favorite song
  • My first day at college
  • The best restaurant in town
  • My visit to a haunted place
  • Looking into the future
  • A place I loved as a child
  • The ideal bedroom
  • The first email that I wrote
  • My dream career
  • My longest trip

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Best Descriptive Essay Topics

  • Imagine the first house on the moon
  • The most exciting cruise
  • Sunset: the most serene view
  • Top 10 tourist spots around the globe
  • My pet dog
  • The wonders of New Zealand
  • A space journey
  • An addiction
  • Falling in love
  • The beauty of the starry sky

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Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics

  • A view of the world from an astronauts eye
  • A place I loved as a child
  • A ride on a subway train
  • Watching the sunrise from the top of Everest
  • The secrets of nature
  • The discovery of the atom
  • A piece of art in the gallery
  • A happy moment
  • An unforgettable walk at the beach
  • Iceland - another world

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Descriptive Essay Topics About a Person

  • An unusually heightened man
  • The grey eyes of my uncle
  • How my best friend laugh
  • My boss’s dress style
  • A stranger in the crowd
  • My opponent in the baseball game
  • Julius Caesar: the legendary commander
  • Elif Shafak: the famous writer
  • A newborn baby
  • My grandpa

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Descriptive Essay Topics About a Place

  • The great wall of china
  • Tajmahal: one of the eight wonders of the world
  • Perfect fantasy vacation destination
  • The place that exists just in my dreams
  • A historical museum in town
  • An old school building
  • Supermarket stores
  • My neighbor’s house
  • The principal’s office
  • Mount Everest: The highest mountain

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Descriptive Essay Topics About Objects and Things

  • A special object that is lucky for me
  • My favorite outfit
  • My first car
  • The blue vase in the basement store
  • My first toy as a child
  • My mom’s favorite piece of furniture which I have torn apart
  • My first mobile phone
  • The northern lights
  • A Halloween costume
  • The traffic signal

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Descriptive Essay Topics About Memories and Emotions

  • The first time I had tears of joy
  • When I fell in love
  • The most embarrassing moment
  • A happy moment
  • The best trip I took during summer vacations.
  • A special time I had with my family
  • A time when I felt scared
  • The night I experienced the death
  • When I met my girlfriend/boyfriend’s mother
  • The day I met my best friend after six years.

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Descriptive Essay Topics About an Experience

  • A paranormal experience
  • When for the first time I drove the car
  • When I went for scuba diving
  • My first visit to the theater
  • Cooking is my life
  • My religious confession
  • How it feels like to be a Hollywood star
  • One day in the army
  • What is it like to be an airforce pilot?
  • How it feels like to be a friend with superstition

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How to Choose a Descriptive Essay Topic

Now that you have a list of amazing descriptive essay topics, it is difficult for you to choose a good topic. Here are some tips to help you choose the best topic for your essay.

  • As the name suggests that descriptive essays describe something so that the reader feels like they actually experienced it. So, whenever you choose the topic, make sure you can show not tell the story.
  • Make sure the topic charms each of the five senses, i.e. touch, taste, smell, see, and hear.
  • Choose the one that interests you the most.
  • Make sure it is not just interesting but informative.

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Descriptive Essay Writing Tips

After selecting the topic, the next step is to write an essay. Below are the tips to help you write a good essay.

  • Choose a unique and creative topic for a descriptive essay
  • Write a compelling opening to hook the reader with the essay
  • Provide sensory details in the body paragraphs
  • Use simple words and vivid descriptions to amaze the reader
  • The tactic that makes your essay perfect is “Show, don’t tell”
  • Use ethos, pathos, and logos to intrigue the five senses of the reader.
  • The story should flow logically. Start from the beginning and follow the same sequence in which it actually happened.
  • Write several drafts to make your essay free of errors
  • After writing the essay, take a break before proofreading your essay
  • Spelling and grammar checking is an important factor that should not be missed
  • Ask your friend or any family to read your essay. It is way much easier for them to catch mistakes that might be missed by you.

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