500 Word Essay – A Step by Step Writing Guide

500 Word Essay – A Step by Step Writing Guide

Most of the students wonder how to write a 500-word essay and get good grades.

The process is not so difficult. You can learn it in just a few hours to get the desired results.

This article offers a step by step guide to write your paper. Read more to find out the proper structure and essay format.

1. How Long is a 500 Essay?

The length of the scholarly essays usually differs depending on their field, format guidelines, and course requirements. Generally, it is a more precise piece of writing than a research article or thesis. A typical 500 word essay can be written on one page if written with single-spaced format.

Most of the time, your essays include guidelines about the number of pages and words. However, you should always consult your supervisor if you are unsure about it.

Always remember that quality is more vital than quantity. Therefore, focus on making a strong argument instead of hitting a specific word count.

1.1 What is a 500-Word Essay About?

It is a typical essay type which is not very small and also requires a lot of effort and practice. If you are assigned to write a 500-word essay, make sure to use the correct essay format, structure and research methodology.

Such types of essays are usually popular in colleges. Moreover, this size is also appropriate for a scholarship essay that can help you get financial aid. Therefore, many undergraduates have to write a 500-word essay.

Moreover, certain questions come to mind about how long is a 500-word essay. There is no such specific number of sentences that such essays should contain. Nevertheless, they are usually of few pages with five paragraphs. Each paragraph has a maximum of a hundred words.

2. How to Write A 500 Word Essay?

It is beneficial for the writer to put himself in the reader's shoes while preparing for a 500-word essay. Extensive research is required to think out of the box. If you have used some reliable sources for references, refer to it. This would increase the authenticity and credibility of your essay.

There are some important tips that need to be followed for writing an essay. Usually, a 500-word essay consists of the following sections.

2.1 Choosing a Right Topic

Mostly, teachers assign the topic. However, if you have the opportunity to choose yourself, spend enough time on choosing the right topic. Also, think of ways to make it unique.

2.2 Introduction

This section contains historical background and general information about the topic. Moreover, a writer should also think about the subtopics to identify a relevant thesis statement. It will discuss the central argument of your essay.

Similarly, an introduction also includes a hook statement that serves as an opening sentence of your essay. Its primary purpose is to grab the reader's attention. A hook can be in the below-mentioned forms.

  • A quotation
  • A question
  • Personal experiences
  • Facts and figures

2.3 Main Body

There are usually three body paragraphs in an essay that includes main ideas and strong evidence to prove it. While writing a 500-word essay, you will have to use an impressive writing style for:

  • Arousing the emotions in the reader by using the original approach
  • Sharing your thoughts or opinions about the particular object
  • Helping the reader to feel as he is a part of the story

2.4 Conclusion

The concluding paragraph should have a 50-word count maximum. It mainly summarizes the entire essay by restating the ideas discussed in the main body. Avoid introducing any new information that may confuse the readers.

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3. How to Format A 500-Word Essay?

Before writing an essay, it is better to pay attention to all the requirements and guidelines. Though it is a common task thus, you will find much information on the internet about it.

Sometimes, there are different requirements given by a teacher or a school. However, if there are no specific requirements, you should follow the standard requirements for these assignments.

3.1 Using Double Spacing

Double spaces are commonly used in your academic essays and thesis. It is because it makes the tasks much more readable and helps you use different writing styles.

3.2 Using Times New Roman Font

Times New Roman font is widely used in scientific works. It makes the paper easier to read for everyone. Always select a 12pt font setting size for all the words. Similarly, it also helps you place many words in a small amount of space in your document.

3.3 Use Appropriate Margin Size

Lastly, there should be one-inch margins on all sizes. It improves the overall outlook for your paper.

However, you can still take help from our blog on essay format for formatting your essays.

4. Tips for Making Your Essay Excellent

After deciding the structure and format, a writer needs to follow these tips for writing a perfect essay.

4.1 Create an Outline

It is better to plan your work before start writing. Thus, develop a well-structured outline to organize all your ideas in one place.

4.2 Always Use an Individual Writing Style

A writer should present his own way of thinking and viewpoints in his essay. It will show how you understand them by improving your writing skills.

4.3 Checking Punctuation and Grammar

There are always some grammar and punctuation mistakes that go unnoticed. Hence, it is recommended to check your essays thoroughly with a spell and grammar checker.

4.4 Plagiarism Check

For assuring that your work has no plagiarism, a writer should use online software. Similarly, he also does proper referencing for making sure that he did not copy someone's work.

4.5 Focus More on Introduction

An introduction is the first section of the essay and considered as the first impression on the readers. Therefore, it should be given more focus to motivate the readers to read more.

4.6 Read Other Sample Essays

Read a similar work written by other writers. It gives an idea about how to build such an essay by including all the relevant elements.

4.7 Proofreading and Editing

A writer needs to spend enough time on editing and proofreading. Read your essays aloud to identify the mistakes and any incorrect sentence structure. Moreover, there is a wide range of online software that can help in checking the content.

5. 500-Word Essay Examples

If you are still finding it a challenging and difficult task, go through the below examples for better understanding.

500-Word Essay Example (PDF)

500-Word Scholarship Essay (PDF)

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